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Tracey Bryans working career has been predominantly in the business environment, starting out in accounting firms before starting her own consulting firm. Her constant strive to ensure business practices to continue to evolve and be the best they can possibly be let her to embark on a new career in Australia’s thriving style and image industry through studying with Australian Style Institute in both personal and editorial styling.

Tracey has always loved the idea of creating different looks with her wardrobe. Having a wardrobe with items that mix and match ensure that there are always new looks to be created, you don’t need wardrobes full of clothing but need to know what the staples are. Knowing your style and feeling good in an outfit can be very powerful. Tracey believes productivity, efficiency, and performance levels are directly linked with the way you feel. The way we dress directly impacts the way you feel and, whether you like it or not, your clothes and presentation communicate volumes about you as a person!

"I can’t wait to help you find your personal style that fits your personality."

Whilst she doesn’t spend hours putting looks together she has her own style by knowing what she feels good in. Style comes from within, feeling good about yourself brings confidence. She still finds excitement in coming up with a look and wearing it for the first time and she wants to share this feeling with as many interested clients as she can.

Tracey Bryans Stylist

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